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how much do islands cost i want one

Ask Me :D
 1.Who’s the last person you talked to about sex?  2.Have you ever sat in the back of a police car?  3.Are you stubborn?  4.If you took a drug test right now, would you pass?  5.Who was the last person to be on a bed with you?  6.Do you tend to hold a grudge?  7.Who is the last person that pissed you off?  8.Whats something that bothers you about girls?  9.What’s a fact about the last person that texted you?  10.Who sits in behind you in your math class?  11.Where is the biggest scar on your body?  12.Have you ever been told you were amazing?  13.Would you date someone who was addicted to drugs?  14.When was the last time you fought with your parents?  15.What was the last alcoholic beverage you drank?  16.What would your last name be if you married the last person you texted?  17.Do you care if people hate you for no reason?  18.Who was the last person to play with your hair?  19.Do you get along with girls?  20.Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?  21.Who was the last person you kissed on the cheek?  22.Who are your last 4 txts from?  23.Who was the last girl you talked to?  24.Do you know anyone who drinks a lot?  25.Would you ever get plastic surgery?  26.Do you speak any other languages other than English?  27.What was the last lie you told your mother?  28.Have you ever had to call the cops on someone?  29.What was the last compliment you received?  30.Have you talked to a bitch today?  31.Are your parents divorced?  32.Have you had sex today?  33.Do you judge people you don’t know?  34.Are you a bad influence?  35.Is there anyone that’s in love with you right now?  36.Would you ever live with any of your best friends?  37.How many people in your life have you kissed?  38.Are you photogenic?  39.Does anyone know a really deep and dark secret about you?  40.Do you use birth control pills?  41.When was the last time you went to a funeral?  42.Has one of your boyfriends best friends ever tried to get with you?  43.What do you receive the most compliments on?  44.Do you currently owe anyone money?  45.Would you ever marry anyone for their money?  46.Do you usually have a lot of drama in your life?  47.Who do you think is the most attractive actor?  48.How old is the last person you kissed on the lips?  49.Have you ever walked away from someone who was yelling at you?  50.Are you 100% over the last person you kissed?  51.What’s one thing you don’t like about yourself?  52.Have you told anyone that you missed them lately?
"Tripping is so insane that it makes you realize the beauty of the world when you are sober."
-Justin Kaiser, in a letter to me dated February 16th 2008 (via 4chewnahdoe)





imagine if giraffes had 2 legs


That just looks like the front view of a giraffe.

oh well excuse me princess do u need a sideview of it prancing through nature


"I gave wrong people the right pieces of me."
-(via jakuzarskey)


what if ssomeone tried to mug me and all they got from my pocket was thisimage


Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”



imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageNIALL HORAN IS THE BIGGEST FAN OF 5SOS.